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*ring ring*
*ring ring*

I knew she was out of my league. Not way out but a little out. With her perfect features and charming smile. With her wit and intelligence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an ogre or troll-like in nature. Far from it. I’m good looking; some may even go as far as calling me handsome. I earn so it wasn’t a case of broke-ass versus Diva. I never topped my class but I was definitely no dullard. But there was just this…thing. This extra that made her out of my league. And I knew.

“Girls like that don’t go for guys like you”, they warned. My friends. The ones whom I can’t bear to look at now for the ‘I told you so’ I’d see in their eyes.

She was young. I watched her for about a year. I didn’t make any move; tried to put her out of mind. It worked. And then one day, as if the gods were orchestrating a dance, she wound up within close proximity. Those eyes and the mystery they held. That smile. I just had to reach out.


We became fast friends, talking for hours on end about everything and nothing. She told me her deepest secrets. I cried with her, held her hand. Day and night we talked. Day and night.

The first rejection didn’t hurt that much. “I’m too fresh out of my last relationship. If I’m going to be with you, I don’t want us to be just a rebound thing.”
Ok, I thought. I could live with that. I’ve waited years, a few more months wouldn’t hurt.

I was ecstatic when I could finally say that she was mine. They cautiously congratulated me. My friends. “She’s young”, they warned, “flighty at that age”.

I didn’t care. I loved her.

The second time hurt. Bad. The side mirror of my car can attest to that. Luckily, the other car was just lightly scratched and I managed to beg my way out of paying any money.

The third time was just confusing. “I’m not attracted to you.” Really? And it took you what, eight months to figure it out?

Why do you keep coming back? Is it not enough that you have tormented me so? Put my life on hold for five years? Like a remote controlled toy, you press play and we’re on. Pause and we’re off. Is it fair? Answer me woman, is it?

Her coming back was always the same. It’d start with a text or call “Just to say hey”. And before long, we’d be back. She would really be a changed person at first. Model girlfriend, really making an effort to make it work. Those periods were blissful. The memories, I still hold dear. But before long…

The fourth time, we called it quits. Like really called it quits, never to return again. The oscillation had gotten boring. We were not pendulum bobs.

Her come back this time was aggressive; guns blazing, taking no hostages. She came to the office, house, everywhere. She had ‘parked her car and thrown away the keys’. Final bustop. How many kids would you like to have?

All the friends said no. “Move on man, you’re not getting any younger”. Did I listen to them? Yes I did. Did I take their advice? No I did not.

Was I stupid? I don’t know. But I loved her. That I know. I did not know how to do anything else but love her.

She took off again. I made up my mind. This would be the last time. The last time she’d leave me weeping like a wounded animal. The last time she’d make me get queries at work. The last time she’d make me shut myself off from the world. I deleted everything: pin, numbers, pictures, messages, the whole works. Not like it really mattered; they were all forever etched in my brain.

*ring ring*

Now she’s calling again.

*ring ring*


*ring ring*

Adetunji Ajayi do not pick up that phone. Don’t. Stop this madness. This is how it starts, you know that. Stand up and move to another room. Smash the phone. Anything. Just. Don’t. Pick. Up.


37 thoughts on “Hello.”

  1. I feel for guys when this happens, I fear I have victimized some like this… why is life like this huh? It’s like we know they are good for us, we appreciate the love and even find it attractive, but something keeps stopping the beautiful flow…. Hopefully I’ve grown, and shall not waste any man’s time like this


  2. Kmt….I hate mtn.

    I think this is a true reflection of the heart of the average man/woman. We’ve all had that one that we love to torture. Its not nice, but hey, even the bible sez dat the heart of man is naturally cruel.

    Loved this. As always.


  3. See i knew this would make me think about my life…you this girl ehn! Choi….so what is the solution to this kind of problem abeg! Im asking for a *cough* friend *side eye*


  4. This dude seems really familiar
    I’m pretty sure I know him
    I see him everyday
    When I walk past my mirror…


  5. I was this guy for about 3 years and trust me… it wasn’t funny… but theres two ways this usually works… mine went the way of locking your heart in a box and throwing the box and the key into separate oceans… i’ll be honest… i became a “bastard” At least thats the nicest word any of my ex’s after “her” has used to describe me. Cheated without remorse, broke hearts like it was mid-term… and i still have no apologies… a woman caused it…


  6. *sigh* ds is deep..i was once a victim of dsn tnk GOD am out of it nw tho but ive got a friend that is in ds situation right nw..plx wts d solution cs rght nw sheclaims she out bt ive gt a feeln shes gonna go bck to d boy n we all knw she deserves beta dn sme! who just feels he can walk in n out of her life lke shes a footmat


  7. I like! tastefully written and i could feel every line like i was actually there. You ma’am are a great writer and i doff my hat. *Takes a bow*
    Now, is this a true story? cos Adetunji Ajayi needs to be smacked upside the head!


  8. Bloody hell… I can totally feel this guy tho… shame, sometimes love is a curse! curse i tell u!!


  9. haha, it’s good to see that the dude is at the receiving end of the emotional trauma. Never mind that this is purely fiction lol


  10. Confession- I’ve been the girl before. We weren’t in a relationship. But he was perfect on paper; so each time I’d say ‘we’ll make it work’ then we’ll drift again. Then I’d remember him and call again. It shouldn’t be that I have his heart at my beck and call. So, we’ve come to terms that it’ll never be but we still do the random calls.

    Whew! See what you’ve gone and done with your excellent writing..!


  11. That is y ppl shouldnt eat food from dodgy girls, she must have given him “multivitamins”.. not to worry there a quick fix. He should run naked at night by a stream shouting her name .. that should do the trick, at least it worked for me. lol


  12. Came by your blog to check for updates, and I’m impressed as always. Dania never fails to deliver.

    As Jibola also says, “It is funny how a lot of us can actually relate…”


    Been this guy like twice or thrice. Sucks shey? Lol… Well, we grow…


  13. Lmao @ d comments so far…dania,lovely piece wat more can I say,u neva let us down. Abt d piece,dt was me a few yrs ago,he always disappeared jst lik dt,witout any gd byes sef.I wud look all over for him n neva find him,n den 6mths time,he s bak n beggin n apologising. Sometimes its nt jst dt u can’t let go bt u dnt knw hw to. Esp wen its ur 1st true luv. Bt it becomes easier wen u find anor person who luvs u more,sum1 u tink u can connect beta wit dan any1 else n who treats u beta,u also ve to realise dt u deserve sum1 beta n nt sum1 who runs n who is unstable cos dts wat we ladies need stability and true love. I am seeing sum1 now bt stil on gd terms wit d oda guy, I rily dnt knw hw to break free cos I tink I stil like him alot,bt my bf treats me beta bt I knw wit time I wud get ova d oda guy. Bt now,I luv my bf more


  14. Some people are very addictive. Trouble I call them. The to and fro doesn’t happen for me tho, maybe cos I thot I was AS for a long time. And then perhaps I’ve loved too many women. Like Solomon.

    How would I advise a guy in this position? Well, I would ask him to forgive his mum for the gaps in his heart he accuses her for. That may or may not be a joke.

    If it were a girl, I would show her love and draw her away from him, and show her she can stand on her two feet alone. Then smile and bow out. I love love, but love does not love us at all. Thanks Dania.


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