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Always. Always.

Hello. I would apologise for my prolonged absence, but seeing as I cannot say that I'm back, I think I shall hold off on the apologies. I took a break from writing and everything else for the Christmas holiday and it appears that my 'inspiration' hasn't gotten the resumption memo yet. I'm sure my recent… Continue reading Always. Always.

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Another one for me. But then which one of me? I'm not sure; the lines have become blurred. Journey into integration and self discovery? Or gradual descent into abhorred normalcy? Enjoy. ******************* You need to find me. This mind is bursting at the seams with conversations unhad, fights unfought, and lies untold. Why do you… Continue reading Homecoming

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The Valse Of Death

Amidst the crowd, their eyes locked Amidst the chatter, their minds talked Dance with me, she invited. And even though his hands were full, There was no way in hell he could refuse The song was one they'd heard before The style was one they'd won prizes for But as their hands came together, Their… Continue reading The Valse Of Death

Cryptic, Oneirism, Verse Form


The cool night breeze blew across her face. She closed her eyes and inhaled. She could smell it coming. She started twisting her waist slowly to the beat of the Konga. She doesn’t remember much of the childhood. Maybe because there is not much to remember. She remembers a bit of the teenage years though.… Continue reading BareNaked.

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Go on; open up that bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Pour yourself a glass. No, not that thin-stemmed sissy champagne flute. The long wide tumbler. Now take a nice long sip. Close your eyes. Relax. Let the rich sour taste sink in. That’s it, there you go. Ignore the flashing red indicator light of your blackberry.… Continue reading BRING IT ON.