Determined to live brave and free, Dania channels her creative energy into storytelling.

Her Walking on Water series uses food metaphors and video format to document her experiences since she decided to quit her 9-5 at one of Africa’s leading financial institutions, to focus on “living her life; her own life”.

Inspired is a collection of verse-style pieces inspired by photos and songs.

Amplify Fellowship mirrors her work as an Amplify Fellow on Akoma. Akoma is a community of creators, influencers, storytellers and audiences sharing diverse narratives on Africa and its diaspora.

You’ll find other stories, articles, verse form, guest collaborations, and random pieces here.

The GlasSlipper Mooboard is a collection of things she’s currently feeling, which inspire her work at GlasSlipper Collective.

Read her work profile here.

Read and subscribe to Dania’s Letters.

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