Cryptic, Verse Form

The Valse Of Death

Amidst the crowd, their eyes locked
Amidst the chatter, their minds talked
Dance with me, she invited.
And even though his hands were full,
There was no way in hell he could refuse

The song was one they’d heard before
The style was one they’d won prizes for
But as their hands came together,
Their bodies fit perfectly like they had finally found home
They then realised that this was like nothing they had ever known

The lights dimmed, the music changed
Suddenly they were in a different place
Stop the dance
They knew they should
But their feet would not; they had minds of their own

And so on and on they danced their dance
Free of care as they had always longed to be
Even though it was more than they had bargained for
On they danced in twilight bliss
And fell off the cliff they couldn’t claim not to see.


Yes, this isn’t my usual style. Like I said in one of my previous posts, sometimes I write for people and sometimes I write for me. This one’s for me.

12 thoughts on “The Valse Of Death”

  1. What you write for you as a writer is usually what I wanna see.
    Dance! Another of my ‘opiums’.
    Falling off a cliff we claim not to see. Yet another.



  2. *sigh* Ada mehn!!! U r a WRITIST! Ahn-ahn u go fear art. This is my favorite abeg…it’s dat spark, d electrical feeling just b4 u fall in love. I looooove LOVE STORIES, but it is a tragedy in itself too cuz u knw there would b consequences but even if u get 2 feel dat way once in ur life and never again. It would be enough…


  3. AH i remember reading this one! How did i forget to comment?? Awesome! “On they danced in twilight bliss
    And fell off the cliff they couldn’t claim not to see.” My best lines! And i have no idea why but it just hit me!


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