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Max Cool Time Travel

If scientists eventually figure out time travel, I reckon I’ll use it more for mundane occurrences, than for big stuff. For example, I would go back to Tuesday last week and stop myself from foolishly putting this block of cream cheese in the freezer. What makes this occurrence particularly annoying is that I knew that… Continue reading Max Cool Time Travel

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Locked Up

It was my first year at Uni. My friend, Penelope (obviously not her real name because which Nigerian parents name their child Penelope? ‘Penelope’ is currently married with a kid so it felt right to change her name) and I had decided to go see a movie with our current beaus, Mohammed and Rotimi. They… Continue reading Locked Up

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Say Yes

“You are my life; my entire world. You came into my life and made every past disappointment make sense. I cannot imagine a forever without you. Marry me Uju. Please, marry me.” I stand there, stunned, like I did not know this was going to happen. But I did see it coming, I did- when… Continue reading Say Yes


Bystanding Bystanders

  25th August, 201110, Adebambo Street, Surulere, Lagos8:05pm It had been such a good day.At first when she’d come, there had been the initial awkwardness, but that soon dissipated in the comfortability of their easy conversation. The kiss this time didn’t feel as strange as the first few times; as if their lips had finally come to… Continue reading Bystanding Bystanders

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no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak (4): Fluke

It's been over a month since I've been here. Ib is certainly getting tired of me. She's trying not to show it, God bless her beautiful soul, but there's only so much moping one human being can take from another. Heck, even I, am tired of me. She has tried to get me to go… Continue reading no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak (4): Fluke

noFancyWordsorFlowerySpeak, Series, Stories

no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak (3): Flight!

Final boarding call for... Hendilaha stood. Black turtle neck, black loafers with a black cardigan draped over her right hand, she was a picture of quiet strength. She was wearing minimal makeup on her fresh face and her  long, full black hair was pulled back into a loose knot at the nape of her neck.… Continue reading no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak (3): Flight!