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Locked Up

It was my first year at Uni. My friend, Penelope (obviously not her real name because which Nigerian parents name their child Penelope? ‘Penelope’ is currently married with a kid so it felt right to change her name) and I had decided to go see a movie with our current beaus, Mohammed and Rotimi. They… Continue reading Locked Up

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Children- The How (Part 2.)

  So now that you have chosen to have children. How do you want to have them? Yes, there is more than one way and this, in my opinion, should be a choice as well. I love Gabrielle Union-Wade, I really do, but I’ve been reading about what she went through trying to have children by her… Continue reading Children- The How (Part 2.)

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Children- The Why

I have been thinking for a while now that we need to open up the child rearing conversation. We need to take it as a thing and critically dissect all aspects of the ‘project’, as a friend of mine recently referred to it. First off, especially in these parts (I write from Lagos, Nigeria), we… Continue reading Children- The Why

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“I do not know that I want to have children.” I will always remember the look on his face when I said this to him, that first day we met- part awe, part...something. Something being a mix of crestfallen (because, otherwise, you’re perfect), and wary (because, what horror stories does this one have that she… Continue reading Why

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This Is Me

Happy Holidays people! I would apologise for not writing in a while but seeing as I don't plan on writing anytime soon (its Christmas yo!) I won't. I do have a couple of posts lined up (some from guests, others from my archives) so I'll be putting them up from time to time. Meanwhile, you… Continue reading This Is Me

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The Single Story: Friday, 29th July

Hey People. Good weekend I'm sure? The second installment in the Single Story series is finally here (took me long enough, I know!). If you don’t know about the series, read the intro hereThe Single Story (Intro) and the first installment here The Single Story: My Name Is Asad Also I’ve recently found myself dabbling… Continue reading The Single Story: Friday, 29th July

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Long Goodbye

"I love you." We are snuggled on the couch in my living room. My favourite love songs collection is playing on the stereo and he is whispering sweet nothings in my ear in between songs. These are my favorite moments: when we sit and just be. I smile. "That's kind." I feel his smile. I… Continue reading Long Goodbye