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“I do not know that I want to have children.” I will always remember the look on his face when I said this to him, that first day we met- part awe, part...something. Something being a mix of crestfallen (because, otherwise, you’re perfect), and wary (because, what horror stories does this one have that she… Continue reading Why

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This Is Me

Happy Holidays people! I would apologise for not writing in a while but seeing as I don't plan on writing anytime soon (its Christmas yo!) I won't. I do have a couple of posts lined up (some from guests, others from my archives) so I'll be putting them up from time to time. Meanwhile, you… Continue reading This Is Me

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The Single Story: Friday, 29th July

Hey People. Good weekend I'm sure? The second installment in the Single Story series is finally here (took me long enough, I know!). If you don’t know about the series, read the intro hereThe Single Story (Intro) and the first installment here The Single Story: My Name Is Asad Also I’ve recently found myself dabbling… Continue reading The Single Story: Friday, 29th July