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Based on a true story. Sade could not sit still. She just could not. She had a good feeling about this one. This was it; she was finally pregnant. Her hitherto punctual, albeit annoying, period was late by two weeks. Earlier in the day, she had driven into the pharmacy on her way home from… Continue reading Ayomikun

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Children Obey Your Parents.

Hey guys. The second installment in the Single Story Series is coming up pretty soon. Click The Single Story: My Name is Asad to read the first one and The Single Story (Intro) to read the introduction of the series. The story below is not a true story but it is based on a true… Continue reading Children Obey Your Parents.

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The Single Story: My Name is Asad

I am excited. But I am sad too. I am excited and sad. Today, Mama, Amina, Ayana and I make the journey out of this place. Amina and Ayana are my sisters. Amina is six and Ayana is three. I like Ayana more than I like Amina. Amina doesn’t respect me but Ayanna does. Like… Continue reading The Single Story: My Name is Asad

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The Single Story (Intro)

Hey Guys. So. There seems to be a 'series' trend going round blogsville.   Well I couldn’t carry last now could I? A whole 'Dania? Mba nu.   Seriously though.   I am starting a series. It is called 'The Single Story'. And no it wasn’t birthed out of my desire to not carry last.… Continue reading The Single Story (Intro)

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Why Won’t You Protect Me?

Okay people, first things first:   Happy Birthday to ME!!!!   So. That said. If you like what you see on this here blog, Please nominate and subsequently vote for Chronicles of Dania in the Nigerian Blog Awards by taking time out to fill the nomination form here Please remember to fill in the blog… Continue reading Why Won’t You Protect Me?

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To The Corner

He smiled. She froze. She knew that smile; knew what was coming. "Go to the corner." As she dragged her feet to the corner of the spacious moderately furnished living room, she let out a heavy sigh and tried to remember a time when things had been different. She couldn't. Not really. She sank to… Continue reading To The Corner