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“I do not know that I want to have children.” I will always remember the look on his face when I said this to him, that first day we met- part awe, part...something. Something being a mix of crestfallen (because, otherwise, you’re perfect), and wary (because, what horror stories does this one have that she… Continue reading Why

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Fuck Love

Fuck love. I’m tired of trying. No. This isn’t an attempt to sound pained when I’m not. It’s also not an invitation to a pity party; they're just the best lines that describe my feelings towards love at the moment. It’s amazing how a space of one year can completely change your outlook on stuff,… Continue reading Fuck Love


To Think is To Differ

>When I was born, my ears were pierced; I was a girl; that was the norm.Growing up, I was taught to always use my right hand. Using my left was rude.I was told that looking at someone older than you in the face was disrespectful. Of course I had to be in the science class… Continue reading To Think is To Differ