Journey to Authé

I Am Not an Adjective (Video)

Hey Guys! Here's another one in the Journey to Authé series. New? Catch up here. Enjoy!   Don't forget to let me know what you think using the comment box below. Feel free to share and subscribe too. 'Dania Referenced material Website: Instagram: @GlasSlipperCollective Webpage: GlasSlipper Homebakes Instagram: @GSHomebakes Webpage: GlasSlipper Spaces Instagram:… Continue reading I Am Not an Adjective (Video)

Journey to Authé

Not Alone (Video)

Hey Guys! So I'm excited about this new format for this series. Not sure what it's about? Read the introductory post here: Freedom Lives Here   I'd love to know what you think; please drop a comment below. Cheers 'Dania   Scripture referenced in video: Philippians 4: 6-7 Post referenced in video: What to… Continue reading Not Alone (Video)

Inspired, Verse Form


Photo by 'Dania She. Resplendent. Delicate. Powerful. She. Terrifying in her majesty. She. The clouds, the wind, the earth- they align for her. She dances a still dance before them. She. Those who know, know that she is not unhelped. They see beneath her surface to His all-powerful hands keeping her rooted. She. When she… Continue reading She

Journey to Authé

What to wear, what to wear

The other day, I had an important meeting with a potential client and in between going over my thoughts for their space (it was an interior styling pitch), it occurred to me that I had no idea what to wear. As trivial a problem as this might seem, it was a genuine one. Having just recently… Continue reading What to wear, what to wear

Journey to Authé

Freedom Lives Here

I remember a feeling of freedom from when I was younger. Not like I did not have any troubles- there were crushes to be had, and boarding school scandals to deal with- but it was never heavy; never more than what it was- a crush on a yellow boy, or punishment from a senior to… Continue reading Freedom Lives Here

Inspired, Verse Form


Photo by Afoma Umesi Perfect. That's what they are; in that time, in that moment. Forever. Whatever state they are, in whichever season- winter, summer, spring, autumn, dry, rainy. They change with the seasons, and whatever they become with each season is beautiful and perfect, for that season. Because it is not about them in… Continue reading Perfect


Demon Angel

(May 2016) My every encounter with you leaves me bruised Needing to heal all over again Sometimes it’s intended, sometimes it isn’t Perhaps it’s not multiple wounds, but just the one The one which has refused to heal But is constantly covered up by dead skin Every encounter with you, peeling off the dead skin… Continue reading Demon Angel