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Based on a true story.

Sade could not sit still. She just could not. She had a good feeling about this one. This was it; she was finally pregnant. Her hitherto punctual, albeit annoying, period was late by two weeks. Earlier in the day, she had driven into the pharmacy on her way home from work to pick up her seventh home kit test in six years. After the first three false alarms, she tried to not get her hopes up whenever she bought a test. But this one was different somehow. And she had known it.

Now she was in their tastefully furnished bedroom an hour after taking the test. Positive. It was her second positive. The first time, just last year, she had called Lekan who had rushed to her office in the middle of the day to whisk her off to a celebratory dinner. They had been so ecstatic that day. They got home and called both their parents who, amidst ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’, had thanked God and prayed for her. Lekan’s mother advised her not to tell anyone until after the first trimester so as not to jinx it. Apparently she already had. “It’s a false positive”, the doctor had said. “These things happen sometimes with home tests. That’s why we always advise follow up tests at a lab after …” She had stopped listening. She couldn’t have continued listening to the woman who has tearing her heart out with each word.

It took her a while to recover from that. It was almost as if she had lost a child. Lekan, bless his sweet sweet heart, had been her rock. Always there with a kind word, gesture or just open arms for her to bury herself in and cry. When Aunty Sade, his mother’s younger sister, came to visit one time and offered to bring a wife for him because “Olorukomi is barren”, he had asked her to leave. That was her last visit. It had caused a ruckus with his parents and other family members but Lekan was adamant. They all got the message; no one was to trouble his wife.
But she could still hear it in their silence. She saw it in their eyes. The questions. The mockery. Won’t you give our son an heir?

Now the gods had remembered her. They had given her a daughter. Yes she was pregnant and it was a girl. She couldn’t have known from peeing on a stick. But she knew it; she felt it. She would called her Ayomikun because then, her joy would be complete.
She wasn’t going to tell Lekan just yet though. Or anyone else for that matter. Nope, no jinxing it this time. She would wait till after the lab test before telling him. Not like she really believed telling him would jinx it but he had been so happy last year when they’d thought she was pregnant. And even through her delirium, she couldn’t miss the look of anguish on his face when he came to pick her up from the hospital after the doctor told her there was no baby. She would never forget that look. He was strong, yes. But he was also human.
Luckily for her, he had traveled out of town on business and wasn’t returning home till the following day, Saturday. If he was home, he’d have known something was up. He could even tell when he called her that night but she brushed it off and told him it was nothing. Now all she needed to do was sleep. As if.

The following morning, she was at the lab as early as 7:45am only to be told they didn’t open till 10. “Just great”, she thought. She had a church meeting by 9am so she decided to attend. This turned out to be a big mistake; her anxiety was too great. 45mins into the meeting, she picked up her bag, made some excuse and ran out.

The lab confirmed it. She was pregnant. They were pregnant! THEY WERE PREGNANT! She resisted the urge to call Lekan on the phone to tell him. Instead, she went home and prepared his favorite meal; beans and dodo. She made sure the dodo was extra soft, exactly how he liked it. Then she had a long shower, taking extra time to prep herself. She then put on his favorite attire on her; one of his shirts. Then she waited. The plan was to wait till after he’d eaten to tell him.

When he walked through the door and scooped her up, she couldn’t help herself.

“Babe? Ayo mi kun.”

His reaction was delayed for about three seconds. Like he was trying to stop himself from believing. And then he screamed and laughed and kissed and cried and hugged. It was a beautiful moment in a beautiful day.

Exactly a week later, on a Saturday morning, she woke up and prepared to go on her routine jog round the neighborhood. Lekan went with her sometimes but this morning, he was still asleep and she didn’t want to wake him; his week had been kinda hectic. She was just about to step out when he stirred.

“Hey babe”, she walked over to him and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Ah don’t hey babe me oh. You were about to sneak out of the house and elope with that your Alhaji boss abi?”

She laughed softly. Theirs was the kind of easy relationship which involved a heavy dose of teasing. “Of course. He promised to buy me a yacht.”

“See your mouth. Like you’d know what to do with one.”

She swiped him playfully on his head and he caught her hand before she could withdraw it and dragged her onto the bed with him. “Jogging today? Is that good for the baby?”

“Yeah babe, I checked with the doctor. Apparently exercise is good.”

“Okay then. You want I should come with you?” He said in his best Fulani man imitation.

“It’s okay, I’ll be fine, its regular jogging now, nothing unusual.” She got up from the bed.

“Alright then babe, have fun and don’t exert yourself too much.”

As she reached the door, he suddenly called out, “You know what Sade, wait I am coming.”

Slightly irritated, she waited.

I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had just gone on, pretending like I hadn’t heard him. I wish I had insisted he stayed in bed. I wish I didn’t go jogging that morning. I wish I had never woken up.

“Heart attack”, the doctor had said. Heart attack. Just like that. One minute we were jogging side by side, making jokes about how I was faster and stronger than him. The next minute he was lying, slumped on the floor. “Oh come on Lekan, really? You’re trying to trick me into slowing down for you abi?” Those were my last words to him as he clutched his chest frantically, crumpling to the floor. Then I saw the fear in his eyes and I knew. My Lekan was crumpling to the floor. Who has a heart attack at 39? Who the hell does that?

Ayo mi o kun; Ayo mi ti lo.

51 thoughts on “Ayomikun”

  1. This was based on a true story? You know, the saddest thing for a man is having his wife and child die during childbirth. This does come close though. Thank you Dania. Can you pass on our love to her?


  2. And adanna does it again… *sigh*… then again its a true life story so… God should help her through this… *now google-ing diets I can get on before 39*


  3. Dania oh! this is sad…heard of cases like this before tho. When stuff like this happens u just cant help but say God knows best :(.


  4. *sigh*

    This mysterious life.

    Well-relayed story though.

    But I am sad now.

    Poor Lekan probably had a heart attack from worrying and stressing and fighting his family on her behalf. Who knows of the battles he had to fight to keep himself to her and keep being strong despite the pain of being childless. Men often bear so much more load than they should and never speak of it or ask for help. They cannot break down and cry, they are men. Until the load becomes too heavy and they are men no more.

    Ah well, like I said, probably…

    maybe he just had really bad luck.

    This mysterious life.



    1. (y) love this comment
      Ada nice post…a life for another life.I wonder how his family will treat her now,smh.may God be with her..


  5. D, Love the way you write these tales.

    Sad story.. He probably wasn’t a healthy eater with all that greasy dodo all the time, the story didn’t state if he was overweight as well.. So he might just have had some health issues :) ..studies show anyone to an attack these days, yall need to get that heart checked up.


  6. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for reading and taking out time to leave a comment.

    This story was triggered by a BBM conversation with my friend yesterday. His status said “RIP cousin”. I sympathized and asked what happened because the guy looked young. He said the guy slumped while jogging with his wife and that she’d just had their first baby a few months back after 6years of marriage.

    I’d like to say that most of the time, I don’t intentionally try to make us sad. I hear heartbreaking stories like this one and I imagine their pain. I then make a story out of it and share with you.

    Maybe its my own way of dealing; sharing the pain. Who knows.


  7. Anyone can get a heart attack; even the super healthy ones that exercise regularly.
    Very sad story. I can bet the guy’s family will say she killed him OR she ‘donated’ him to her coven in order to have a baby.
    Good thing she isn’t Igbo (I said it, bite me), the rites involved in these kind of circumstances would probably result in the girl committing suicide. :( :(


  8. This is such a sad tale, like ThinkTank said, men unlike women find it very difficult to break down and cry, he might hav kept too much, he’s health might hav been bad, life isn’t promised, never miss an opportunity to show care n love to those you adore, they could be gone the next minute.


  9. This is just too sad :(

    “Ayo mi kun…Ayo mi ti lo”
    5 simple words, an abyss in depth

    True-life story?
    I know what it means for someone to be a widow, and all I can say is: The Lord is her strength.

    A great read


  10. The one thing about your writing is even though most times they’re sad stories, the sheer beauty with which they are told always makes a smile creep up on my face.
    Now, this is a true story. May the good Lord give the family to bear the loss. I can only hope that the in-laws don’t give her hell.
    God knows best…
    But kai!.. This is all kinds of painful. All kinds.


  11. Yet another sob-story. Great plot, effective finish, even though it’s a true story, you told it well. I’m guessing all the typos were because you rushed to post it right?


  12. Aww men this is really sad.ayo mi kun…ayo mi ti lo…I can only imagine how she felt and how she is still feeling. I just pray God would grant her strength to move on and take care of the child.beautiful writing u related the story well(Y)


  13. Are you facking kidding me??????????????????? Ughhh. I’m goin to cry mehn! What the actual hell? I am too sad to say anymore! Goodbye


  14. Funnily enough, I don’t share the same sentiment as your fans. I don’t mean to be a naysayer, but the story is missing a kind of lustre that I’ve come to associate with the fantastic writer that I find Dania to be. I guess we can’t always bring our A-game to the plate all the time. Oh well.


  15. This is so sad…..I’m sure she would keep regretting the fact that she agreed to jog with him. Anyway this is a very good story. Keep it up


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