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The Single Story (Intro)

Hey Guys. So. There seems to be a ‘series’ trend going round blogsville.
Well I couldn’t carry last now could I? A whole ‘Dania? Mba nu.
Seriously though.
I am starting a series. It is called ‘The Single Story’. And no it wasn’t birthed out of my desire to not carry last.
Most people see me as a card carrying flag waving member of TeamSad because of the kind of stories I write. I see why that may be the general consensus but the truth is I’m quite the happy child (I promise, I am!) and I don’t set out to write sad stories; just real ones. I’ve always liked to do things differently so when I write stories, I try to give voice to real issues happening to real people. Issues that may not necessarily have happy endings (they’re enough of those around anyway). I take these issues and try to make them out into stories that we can relate with or we can feel on some level. The whole point of this (besides the fact that I love, and sometimes need, to write) is to bring some issues to the fore, make some people know that they’re not alone in their plights and to maybe, make us more accommodating human beings generally.
The idea of The Single Story is to take big issues and break them down into small relatable stories. Some times it’s easy to ignore or write off some of these issues, hiding behind clichés and empty words, because we do not really understand. The Single Story series will tell the stories of real people and how they are affected by these big issues. These stories do not necessarily have to be sad. They could be happy, funny or whatever; as long as they are real.
Now let’s talk logistics and things.
This series has no duration, frequency of publication or designated writers. I’ll publish the stories as frequently as they come to my heart. I’ll also be accepting stories from anyone who thinks they have such a story to tell. I’ll read them and if I think they’re good enough, I’ll publish. Like I said, there’s no duration so it’ll keep running as long as the stories keep coming.
The regular pieces on the blog will still come. Any story in this series will be categorized and titled accordingly so you’ll know.
I know the concept may still be a bit blurry so I’ll publish the first Single Story in my next post and hopefully it’ll be a bit clearer.

8 thoughts on “The Single Story (Intro)”

  1. when I first read the single story: my name is asad. I thought it was your real life story. I was wrong when I read this haha. Cool I like your post. be following it since i’m new here in blogger please visit my blog if you want. Thanks!

    yen xx


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