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I rarely feature guest writers but I saw this and I knew I just had to share it.

We call ourselves ‘Soul Sisters’ because we find that we are similar in a lot of ways. Her writing however, is imbued with such beauty as I can only applaud from a distance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you ‘Freefall’ by UberBetty.

(Sorry no beating gongs or anything here -_-)

The best year of my life ends today.
We are crying.

We went in with eyes wide open.
You play? I play too.. Let’s play together.

I don’t know when the music stopped playing…

Teasing nature probably wasn’t wise. Dancing on the ledge of the cliff.
And as we fell, we fought the very air. We fought us.
But we just fell and fell and fell.

How cruel that we are here now. I’m watching him cry. My own tears threaten to blind me.
We are caught in mid-motion, for we can go no further.
It’s like tearing your heart out, no anesthesia.

For if we go beyond here, we should be curses.
The way we are cursed.

Incompatible blood? Too risky? Cold words. The icicles are piercing into my skin.

For my very blood is pumped by his proximity.

But we have to part.
The offspring shouldn’t suffer for what could have been avoided.
Let us suffer instead.
Let us die in despair, so we don’t watch a despair of our own making.

It’s the right thing to do. Why am I drowning?

But drowning, I walk away.

For more of her pieces, visit AfroSaysToMe

28 thoughts on “FREEFALL.”

  1. Nice. But Sad. :( The hardest part is letting go when you don’t want to. But have to. Just because of two silly alphabets..This is nice :) I like it.


  2. lol at @Kesh “Just because of two silly alphabets” …. what more can I add.. Betty captured this perfectly… As sad as letting go might be, not-letting-go is always definitely worse..


  3. Can I say I innspired this piece:)..I haven’t been in an incommpatible blood rship oh!
    But it has happened too close too I can relate.advice: if u think u fancy a guy or girl even in the tiniest way.just try to know the blood group.yes with the advent of technology, things can be done.but just save the world the stress
    Betty, I love you!


  4. Nyce one…..reminds mi dat I shud Neva hav given up ma dream …..u got a gift here…..dnt stop usin it


  5. How sad…. Actually know a guy who broke up wiv his Girlfiend cos their bloodtype was incompatible (both of em were AS)…. To avoid d risk of suffering future kids they broke up…
    I cud be a strange one but wat if they decided not to have kids n adopt instead….


  6. This is lovely, and you can relate this to all kinds of Taboo relationship’s not necessarily just about blood types. But very well done


  7. *sigh* nice one..pple tend to ova luk d aspect of knwn each odas bloodtype..ive met a couple of guys dey we mght hve bn more dan frnds bt had 2 let go cs ofds issue..sme pple tnk it doesnt really mtr bt it does cs its d childrn dt wld suffer,lke my sis nw its d kids dt r suffrn it… nice work all d same……


  8. This is deep yo! lol but forreal, a very good friend of mine recently broke up with her boyfriend cuz of this..they had been going out for two years, i cant even begin to imagine how she felt..or how she still feels *sigh*
    Very nice piece.. :)


  9. I’m a risk taker…. I’d prefer to not let go and see where it leads.. Who says it “must” be bad 4rm here?? It “might” just get better….. Nice read tho’…. (Y)


  10. Now dis one I can relate wit 100%…I remember dis girl I was rili gettin into n den I found out she was ‘AS’…boom…dat was d end mehn…I drew d line right der…we were finished before we could begin…we’r still cool friends n all tho…makes u ask y u wer born black…great stuff from Betty…as always…


  11. i can totally relate to this! i also had to end a 2year relationship because of bloodtype….i was hoping i could hang on and all and play out some form of nollywood moive….”but dad. i love him” kinda thing,,,but it really isn’t worth it, as there are many good AA men out there, and i proudly engaged to one now…good job! (y)


  12. Oh so sad! Lesson learned. So when I meet a guy, the first thing imma do is ask for his blood group, no matter how odd it might be. Hmph! :|


  13. If you’re so in love and you’re incompatible cos of the alphabets your bloods posses here are a few options other than the suggested letting go
    1. Seal the deal get married remove her womb and adopt a baby
    2. Get married and decide not to have kids, there are a good number of couples practicing this and i doubt incompatibility played a part in that
    3. Love can be selfish you can decide that you’re hopelessly in love and get married give birth and take the child (should the outcome be negative) to India or Scandinavia and get a marrow transplant hence changing the child’s Alphabets :D…
    4. As I have witnessed severally in church services the couple in question intercede and apply faith and the alphabets change favorably by the intervention of “the man in the sky”

    Well written piece as almost always :p *thumbs up*


  14. @wearenotgeeks must be in a similar situation to have thought out all the possible solutions.

    @uberbetty writes beautifully about humanness. Always. Ever.

    It’s all choices. Some people loved and married my sickle cell cousins.

    Emotions or no, what can you handle? I think I can handle a few designer kids from Guatemala.


  15. I’ve always been in love with the UberBetty…it was love at first post…

    And this post is beautiful. :)
    I believe incompatibility due to blood type can be overcomed. Its harder when its incompatibility due to religious affilliations, because there is no compromise.

    I’m jealous that you wrote for Dania o, Aunty Pemi. Me nko?? Aunty I!!!


  16. Cool piece n its a real prob actually,cuz both of us wud b gettin in2 it 4 ourselvs bt by doin so wer setin ourselvz up 4 future heart break wen we hav2tak d kid(s) 2d hospital bak n I bliv in the liv 4d moment concept buh sumtymz u hav 2think ahead.
    Nyc 1 (Y)


  17. To the right of my screen, i c the part where you’ve written “I live in a world where the humans are not allowed…..” It seems this world is characterized by grey skies and a lot of sober reflection.. lol That said, It’s a really nice post . I hope someday in the world of DANIA , on one of those rare days when it’s all bright and sunny, you’ll put pen to paper and give us something brilliant as usual and hopefully this time HAPPY!.. ;)


    1. Hahahaha!

      Well. The world is whatever I make of it and truth be told its a happy place most of the time.

      However. I know that there are a lot of grey untold areas and so I seek these out and try to give voice to them.

      But I will let you in on the sunshine one of these days :)


  18. @Dee & wearenotgeeks Yup, I strongly recommend adoption. Adopting a child doesn’t mean the child isn’t yours.
    I’m suspecting wearenotgeeks is a guy cos why didn’t u suggest d guy getn a vasectomy instead huh? So that he can still sow his wild oats abi?
    I personally believe that there’s usually that one person that you know is the one for you and letting go cos of genotype IMO is silly. You can lose out on a very good and loving relationship cos of that. Marriage is 1st & foremost about companionship not children. There are many kids wishing to be adopted.
    Anywayz, my genotype is AA so luckily I don’t av to worry about any guy’s genotype. I can just plunge in.
    P.S. My friend’s parents are both AS. 4 kids, 3AS, 1SS and she’s over 20 and doing well. It’s not always that tragic.
    There are worse diseases out there that wasn’t the fault of the parents e.g leukaemia


  19. Wow! I know someone going through this right now and really is parting the ONLY way?


  20. Wow,betty….excellent piece n yeah I agree wit u kids shud nt suffer for a love dt cud ve bin avoided. My aunt also is sufferin from d phrase luv is blind,she n her hubby ve incompatible bloodtypes bt she went ahead to marry him,fortunately for her,none of her kids r deceased bt dey fall ill a lot. On d oda hand, my boyfrd is AS n m AA n yes I wanna marry him n m goin to,by God s grace n I knw our kids wud be jst fine.
    @dania,kip up d gd work.luv u guys


  21. Wow! This is a cool piece!quite happy it ended in doing the logical thing of walking away! But ild just say “time heals all”


  22. ‘2 silly alphabets’ lool
    It’s always something…there’s always something 2 worry abt…just when u think everything is fine…something comes up…sigh.luv makes mistakes too,but walking away is not always d best option


  23. Thanks to everyone who read and commented.

    And to Dania, for this pleasure granted me.. And I’m sure when that happy story comes, we’ll all be in awe.. And I’d hit my gong for you…


  24. YAY!!!! sad, sad, sad, I like. I think i’m developing a thick skin from reading all these sad blog posts….oh well, small price to pay to get my perverse pleasures *shrugs*.

    this is beautiful,, the pain of separation, a journey ended before it began, all captured with such poetic grace…. *applauding with a single teardrop rolling down my cheek*


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