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So Valentine’s day has come and gone. Is it just me or was there an unusual amount of fuss attached to it this year? If I’d gotten one more, just one more, Valentine hamper BBM broadcast I’d have smashed my blackberry. I’m sure. Even though I didn’t get a Range Rover (still can’t get over that story), thankfully, i didn’t have any ‘Oh no he didn’t’ moment.’ I received my fair share of gifts (as per hot babe na) and gave out a couple myself (yes a couple)

A few weeks before the day, I was at the home of one of my girlfriends an we were discussing the lamest excuses we’d heard from guys who were either too broke or cheap to do anything on the day.
I particularly remember one of my exes who told me in January that he didn’t believe in Val’s day. According to him, love should be celebrated everyday and not on one day. I actually thought he was joking and went ahead to EMPTY my bank account, borrow and even beg so as to be able to ‘Val’ him properly. A week before the day, when he was still preaching the same message, I told myself that he was just trying to give me a really big surprise (come on girls, you know how we deceive ourselves sometimes) so i continued putting my own plans together.

On the 14th, even though we lived barely five minutes apart, feeling all romantic with myself, I sent his gift (the latest Hugo Boss perfume set) to his house via DHL. Later that evening, I showed up at his house dressed to the nines in this killer ensemble (which i had bought with my own money oh!), bearing a large box of expensive chocolate (Godiva), two cards (one witty and the other romantic. Both hallmark of course), a bottle of red wine (South African) and a large cake (Opindos). I then treated him to a three-course dinner at Jade Garden (which had just opened at the time) and paid for everything! All the while i kept telling myself that my ‘big surprise’ was coming. What can i say, it’s been three years and I’m still waiting. And mind you, I was still an undergraduate then and the dude was working and earning major bucks *collective sigh*

Looking back, I wonder why he accepted all my gifts and things if he truly didn’t believe in Valentine’s. You know what’s funny though? I still stuck with the guy after that. Yeah i know, his jazz guy was a real bad guy. It wasn’t until after his response to my period being late one time was that he was taking medication that made it impossible for him to get a woman pregnant, that i realised that if i didn’t ditch the lying cheapskate I would end up dying an old maid, while him, happily married would say that his pastor told him that if he married me, he would die. Mscheew. And the amazing thing is, he was so convincing that I almost started to believe him. But this was the first I’d heard him talk about taking any form of medication and I’d spent time at his place a lot. Besides what kind of medication was that anyway? If there was anything like that then there wouldn’t be any unplanned pregnancies now would there???

Another common way to try to get out of Valentine duty is to pick a fight around the period. You’d think this is pretty obvious but you’d be surprised at how many dumb guys still do it. Another friend told me how her boyfriend did the exact thing. Picked their first major fight out of thin air five days before Val’s and dragged it out to the 17th despite all her attempts at reconciliation.

Guys please. If you really can’t afford to spend money on Valentine’s day, don’t insult us with the lame excuses and games. Explain the situation to your girl and buy her a nice card or something small (depending on your level of broke). After all, the day is really about love not money or gifts. If she leaves you as a result, then at least you know she wasn’t really in love with you. But if you really have money and are just a cheapskate then i pray you fall stupidly in love with a gold digger who takes you for every single penny you’ve got. And all the ladies say…

8 thoughts on “OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!”

  1. >LMAO!I like this. i like this a lot. I very much can identify with my desire to be showered beyond belief on Valentine's Day. However, I find it difficult to articulate WHY. If I'm not materialistic, and I technically shouldn't be worried about bragging to others or comparing my circumstance, and if love SHOULD be expressed everyday, why the major expectations for Valentine's Day?Does a man really not love you if he doesn't use that day as an opportunity to say he loves you? Does a man have to go "all out" to express his love via material items and expensive outings?What's your reason?


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