Random Ranting

Welcome to my Very Own Madness.

>Oh wow so I started  a blog. Interesting. Perhaps if I told you how this happened then you would understand why I think it is so.

Its 2a.m, and I’m ‘Skyping’ with Irene discussing business (yes business) and then one of us (probably me but i refuse to admit it) asks the other if she’s heard that a mutual acquaintance just had a baby (Yes we were discussing business). The other party hadn’t heard and so we both proceed to Facebook to peruse the aforementioned mutual acquaintance’s wall for clues to confirm the story.

Perusal over, I return to my Facebook homepage and see that one of the FABest magazines in town at the moment has a new blog post. Attracted by the cover picture I decide to click on the link. This is rather strange for me because before now I have never opened a blog on my computer before. True story. No I am not stale or anti-social and I don’t know if there’s plant life in Mars. I actually even enjoy reading. But somehow I just haven’t. I have visited Bella Naija twice I think and NotJustOk once, both on my blackberry and within the past month. I didn’t spend more than 10mins in either though (Oh come on, you can’t use that to judge me and decide to leave here in 5).

Anyway, so I open this magazine’s blog, read the first line of the post, scroll up and down the page and then one little button catches my eye; Create Blog. All this while, I’m still actively discussing business with Irene. For some reason, I click on it and….

I’m not even sure how this works. Or how its supposed to work. But it will be as fun and as unpredictable as the way it was birthed. I hope.  A few stories here (fiction and otherwise), a few random thoughts there (Yeah I know, if you wanted to read my random thoughts you’d just follow me on twitter right? But the 140 character hiccup…). I’ll start by posting a couple of stuff I’ve written over the years and then we’ll go from there. I may offend a few sensibilities and will be politically incorrect a lot of times.



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