Closer Than You Know

Ahh Jesus, babe.

We’re here; about to do this.

I want to open my soul so you can see inside.

I have all of this…this…thing that I want to give you. It’s rich and big and full and beautiful. I want to give you all at once and all forever.

My heart is full. Like, do you understand that my heart is full? I’m having difficulty putting the words together. Those vows I wrote, the ones I’m reading out to you in few minutes, are not enough. No words are enough.

Lol, this may not make sense.

You made everything make sense. Every heart ache, every disappointment, every mistake. Every blessing, every lesson, every turn in this journey that has been my life so far; it all made sense when you showed up.

And now this life, I give to you today. Wholly, totally. Made to wear, fit for purpose.

I’m not afraid to love you. Not afraid to let you see. Because you have taken it all and made it beautiful and wondrous and magic. And you have given and given and given.

Look, I love you forever.

No matter what, you are my gift from God without repentance and I love you forever.

Thank you for seeing me.

Thank you for giving me reason.

Daddy will hand me over to you in a few minutes, but you should know that I am giving myself to you. Today and every day, for the rest of our lives, and then some.



“Whoa, you look…wait, what are you doing here? You can’t let him see you yet…hold up, are you okay? Those had better be happy tears madam.”

“Help me give this to him, will you?”

“What is it? You’re not calling this off are you? So these are not happy tears? Oh wait, that’s not even possible. This is probably some cheesy note I know. Ugh, you guys disgust me I swear. Like, are you the first to love…?”

“Oh just shut up and give it to him. If you go now, I may even hook you up with a bridesmaid.”


Don’t turn your eyes from me

For my love won’t be undone

My God, you’re beautiful.

Just look at you.

Don’t hide your face from me

For my light has surely come

I’m glad we picked this song.

I’m glad you’re the one walking down this aisle, towards me.

Lift up your eyes and see

Heaven is closer than you know

Just look at you.

You’re my heaven, Ima.

My reward, my blessing. My evidence of His love.

Lift up your voice and sing

Know that my love won’t let you go

Haha, I’m excited woman!

This life that we’re about to start. You have me, okay?

Always. Forever. Totally. Wholly.



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