Return Mail, Series

Return Mail: Li’l Thing ;)

Hey Bubu,

Remember that love letter you wrote me, on paper with ink, which I took EVERYWHERE with me like a lucky charm (until the day my heart shattered)? Well, I always planned to retaliate & here’s my chance. I should have written this a lot sooner but…who knew this’s where we’d be today. I thought I had all the time in the world. I thought we were forever.

You called me Aphrodite.

I’m not gonna lie, when I was with you I DID feel like a goddess. All serene & benevolent, like the human race was privileged to have me around. *Hehe* & you, my Ares, proud & volatile, & yet so perfect for this passionate li’l bundle of many contradictions.

I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since we’ve been apart. The last time I slept like a baby was in your arms. I love how you used to call me “li’l thing”, like I was this tiny slip of a girl. It made me feel cute & petite. *Hehehe, the thirst for petite sha!*

I want my boyfriend back. I wanna talk face to face. I wanna lie in bed with you & just be…& watch crap TV. :) Remember the Nollywood movies you MADE me suffer through? *Hahaha* & the slow dancing with the shared earphones? And how could I ever forget our failed attempt to shower together? The water was SO cold I almost passed out! *Hahaha* The things you’ve put me through…

Remember when you became my Snickers? We were randomly talking about you being better than chocolate (I think?) & you said something about Mars bars (again details are hazy now cos I see everything in shades of rose :)) but I said I preferred snickers… Remember the day you went out to run errands & brought me back a Snickers bar, just because. :).   I haven’t eaten a single one since we broke up. It just doesn’t feel right.

*sigh* I miss u.

We should be together. I could have argued different in the past BUT apparently, I ain’t built for distance. And I certainly wasn’t built for THIS particular distance…this distance that means that we’re not together, not a couple & yet my heart is still yours.

I was built to fit that perfect space in your arms. That space I used to lean into when we’d sit on your couch to watch rubbish music videos. Guess who watches the Wendy Williams show these days? *smh* You completely ruined me. You’ve certainly spoiled me for anyone else. You should just accept that we’re kinda stuck with each other. *Lol* I love u. I miss u.

You should come back to me.
Eternally yours,



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