Return Mail, Series

Return Mail: I Knew

Dearest Kanyinsola,

Lol. I’ve always wanted to write those words side by side. Funny how I’m only just doing it for the first time after almost one year. Ok, ok, so let me start this all over again.

Hey B :)

I know, I know… But technically, ‘B’ isn’t the same as ‘Babe’ right? :D I just love teasing you with these things. And I know you still think it’s my fault that after all this time I still don’t have a cute pet name for you but as I have told you over and over again, your name is just too awesome to let go for me. It just so perfectly captures you, your essence, your beauty, your smile, your everything. Yes, yes, I love your name – the full name.


*sigh* why in the world would anyone trade that for some random pet name.  Anyways, I digress (and to think I only do this when we talk face to face).  I’m sorry.. this is supposed to be a super romantic love letter and I’ve already ruined the first two paragraphs with my randomness – ok..


I remember the first time I saw you (well, it really wasn’t the first time but you know what I mean…) The first time I really really saw you. You know how they say stars fall and fireworks go off and what not? Well, I felt none of that.


There I sat, almost angry, waiting for the silly Unilag people to hand me my certificate so I could get back to work and BAM! Just like that, the staccato from your nude pumps became the soundtrack announcing your arrival. I remember having a Tarantino-esque moment as my eyes traced from your shoes to your legs and erm… paused for what seemed like forever before I finally made it to your face. Still no fireworks. IT was more like an explosion. You know when things on your insides collide and sort of cause an involuntary action.

No number, no email, no contact info whatsoever. You vanished or as I put it back then, I let you go – walked away just like that. Two years passed before our paths crossed again and this time, the explosion was accompanied with fireworks, drums, bells and enough chaos in my head to let me know I had to have you.

“Are you born again?”

I still shake my head when I remember that. Who would have thought I’d ever use that as a pick up line.  But if I wasn’t convinced before coming over to you, the moment you realized I was fooling around and smiled at me, I just knew. For a few seconds images of you and I hand in hand, smiling, happy flashed before my eyes and I just knew. I just knew it had to be you.

I had always thought it strange when people said those words – ‘when you know, you just know’ but after our first date where you almost got me to choke on my chicken stroganoff, I knew. Yes, I knew again.

It was your smile, your laughter, that cute way your lips tilt when you’re being sarcastic. Your fingers – oh, you can never understand how much I love them. They are just perfectly shaped. Every single one of then, slim, long, always perfectly manicured. It’s the smoothness of your skin; I still think you’re some kind of alien because I just don’t understand how one’s skin can be so tender, so smooth, almost hairless. It’s the little scar above your knee that reminds me of your imperfection, your strength, your occasional stubbornness and boyish ways. It’s the way you suddenly break into that annoying baby voice that makes you sound like a cartoon character on cheap drugs, it’s so silly but undeniably charming.

I could have rushed things with you and ended up like every other person I had been with but I just knew you were the one so I had no need to rush. I took my time. Seven full dates. We were fast running out of places to go to eat before I said the words…

“I want you – to be mine.”

You still managed to break my serious face – I really don’t know how you do it but when you finally said ‘yes’. I knew I was right. I knew we were right.

We both like Pringles – the classic one, we both like Snicker bars but will trade it in for a pack of Minstrels in a millisecond. You have that partial OCD that makes you straighten out the bed sheets the moment we get off and I just can’t stand things being out of place. You love Adam Sandler and I’ve seen every single one of his movies. You only take sugar popcorn when out with friends and I have a stack of salted microwave popcorn in my kitchen. The day you came visiting and handed me my first gift from you – a leather dustbin for my room, I laughed so hard because I knew.

The first time we kissed, I knew it would be perfect… The first time we erm… that was beyond perfect and I knew too. Today, when I was with you, I looked at where we are, what we’ve achieved together, the bond we’ve formed, the team we’ve become, I thought about love and again, I knew.

I knew I had fallen madly in love with you.

Yours Sincerely (with all my heart),



 I knew


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33 thoughts on “Return Mail: I Knew”

  1. I should write a letter to you Tula…Inquiring who has done this to you.

    What manner of dam breakage is this?

    What has Dania done to alliyou? At least Wole wasn’t talking about Salted popcorn and Love for Adam Sandler.

    Nah mehn, submit your G card abeg.


    1. No worry, we dey wait you for front, you hear? When ya time come, we go print out this comment come use the paper take do you yeye.

      See as you be… Mscheeew…


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