Return Mail, Series

Return Mail

return mail

I’m excited!!!

Okay, not ‘three exclamation marks excited’. Maybe two or one.

Ah well, what does it matter.

I read a ‘love letter’ the other day that was…nice. Properly constructed, with nice-sounding rhymes, words, etc.
But for some reason, it didn’t get to me. Felt quite alien. After re-reading, I realised the problem; the letter was perfect. And love, as we all know it, isn’t.

Love is beautiful and painful and confusing and magical and frustrating, and just about anything and everything. Today it’s a decision, tomorrow it’s a feeling, next tomorrow it’s a phenomenon.

Love is a whole lot of things. But one thing it isn’t, is perfect.

Then I had a thought…

I gave them free reign as to length, style, content…everything. I only made one demand; that it be authentic.

“…write from where you are now, and if you can’t, then get into the mind, body and soul of the character and write from there…” 

“…no sugar in my tea type cliches…”

“…write it exactly as it’s doing you…”

Everything is raw and unrefined; the thoughts, the words, the language…it’s all just as it is.

There’s ten of us; five women and five men. Ten of my favourite writers. Writing about love as it’s doing us.

As per frequency, I’ll be putting up two a night between now and the 14th. Sometime between 9pm and 11pm.

Starting today…


Return Mail (Bonus Post: Dear Love)

Return Mail (El Muerte Amor by @TTXIII)

Return Mail (Li’l Thing by @Anniefertiti)

Return Mail (I Knew by @TheToolsman)

Return Mail (Grudgingly Yours by @UberBetty)

Return Mail (Scrape-Scrape-Scrape by @JCphoenixx)

Return Mail (Hold My Hand by @ritzyliciousme)

Return Mail (This Place by @Ms_Dania)

Return Mail (Yours Imperfectly by @The_Daywalker)

Return Mail (Boy Scout by @ xoAFRO)

Return Mail (6519; 10491)

Return Mail (Happy Ending by @Cuntosaur)

20 thoughts on “Return Mail”

  1. I just appointed myself your personal proofreader…you said ‘women’ twice. :D I’m guessing 1 of those should be ‘men’?


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