Daywalker, Mushful

My Perfection

Some people find it in tall, dark and handsome;

Some others, in father figures.

To the deprived girl, the one with the fattest of pockets;

And to the needy one, the jealous one.


I’ve found it in you;

In the way your eyes light u when I show up

And in the hard cushion that is the crook of your arm

(that has to be my favorite place in the world)


I find it in every “Hey Pookie”, “Hey babe” and “Baby of life”

And in the quiet times when the words won’t suffice.

In every Anwuli/Nkem Owoh iMbeH moment

And in every “Arghhh you make me so mad”


I’ve found it

 And I’ll keep it;

Because finders keepers;

And Lord knows you’re one hell of a keeper.

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