Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

You need to light up Nigeria already!

When will you understand that Nigeria will NEVER be able to compete with other nations without power? That steady power supply drives everything? That Nigerian students will never be able to compete on a global scale when they’re stuck studying obsolete text books by candle light because there is no power for them to turn on their computers and use the internet?

When will you see that prices of our goods and services can never compete in the international market because the cost of production will be constantly driven up by cost of running power generating plants? That the foreign investors you and the governors seem to be so interested in flying all over the place to court, will find the land more viable if power is not an issue? That the economy will be generally more attractive?

Will you ever realize that Nigeria can never seriously talk about environmental protection or saving the ozone layer with the poisonous fumes from numerous generators that saturate our atmosphere?

When, oh dear leader, will you see that the absence of constant power is lowering our standard of living and making life unbearable for the people you have sworn to serve and protect? That Small and Medium scale Enterprises stand a better chance of survival without having to factor in generators and diesel into their cost of production? That a reduced cost of living facilitated by constant power supply leads to an increased standard of living? That electricity is not a luxury and you and your minions need to stop insulting us by making us feel like it is?

Can you not see that a serving youth corp member like me will find life a bit easier if she’s not constantly worrying about whether or not she has power supply? That a young aspiring writer shouldn’t have to be in constant danger of missing deadlines because of the absence of power?

Surely Mr. President, you don’t need to pay a whole team of experts for you to see this.

We don’t care much for your one point, two point or even hundred point agendas. Neither do we care for your committees and ‘looking into matter’ panels. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if you didn’t have shoes or if you never wear shoes for the rest of your life.

You need to light up Nigeria already.


17 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President”

  1. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if you didn’t have shoes or if you never wear shoes for the rest of your life.

    You need to light up Nigeria already.




  2. Na me and my people dey there now, we go chop all the money we go belle ful. Actually, we no go give u powa already. lol. But we no go treat u too bad also.


  3. Uve said d main point. #Darisall.
    I wonder, can’t we use jazz on doze blimy idiots dat will make dem have “small” sense? Mschewwwwww!

    Beautiful 1 Ada. Straight n Simple.


  4. Your last words where just too harsh,plz find away around it. He wasn’t the one who started all these,he came in to inherit those problem. So please give him time to deliver .


  5. Honestly, I hate this country. And I am not patriotic in the least bit. Oh no. This light situation ate me out the first time I experienced 24 hours light for one month. I couldn’t help but wonder why the fuck we have all these resources and a simple problem like power cannot be solved.

    We are yet to experience 24 hours light for one straight week in this country. Yet we export this same resource to other countries?

    No. I just cannot show love for Nigeria.

    That light situation is the easiest to solve. Its should have been done light years ago. No pun intended.

    They need to fix it. And pretty soon.


    1. I don’t ‘hate’ this country yet but I totally understand how any one can. Especially after I moved out of Lagos.

      Writing about it helps me let out steam but that’s about all it does. Sometimes I wish I could physically smack some of our leaders on the head.



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