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>So I was going through my previous posts and I realised that the last three have been pretty serious. Like seriously, why so serious?? I’m usually not a serious person like that so those posts have me worried. Very worried. Like does it mean I am now an adult? Older and wiser and things? Does it mean my life is now serious? What does it mean??

Anyway, I’ve decided to do a post that is not so serious. Only that I’m not sure exactly how that’s supposed to go. So here’s my first attempt. OLN (On a lighter Note): Take One.

I decided to look up the dictionary definition of ‘blog’ and this is what I found: “A shared on-line journal where people can post daily entries about their personal experiences and hobbies”.
If that’s the case then I have failed on two levels:

I don’t post daily. Mainly because I’m not sure you people would be that interested in coming here every day. Or would you?

Personal experiences and hobbies? Ha! Okay let me try to write about my experiences since the last post.

I got an offer to write a column for a magazine. That’s exciting. Will let you know which and where to get it once it hits the stands.

I started my second ‘first novel’. I think this one will come out before the first ‘first novel’ because it comes to me more naturally. It’s pretty intense though. I’m looking at getting it published around September so look out for that.

Let me see, what else… I almost went to Abuja.

Oh yeah, I kissed a boy.

Oh and I set up a home office. Complete with state of the art gadgets and equipment. Okay maybe not state of the art, but still very effective. I even have office hours, break time and things. I’m blogging from there right now. Hopefully, this will curb the laziness that has been a big hindrance to my writing. I figure if I plan to ‘eat’ from my writing then I best start to take myself somewhat seriously. So far so good, I must say. I’ve not come to work late yet, not been rude to my boss (even though this is not technically possible), and I have written a couple of good stuff.
This is just Day One though. :|

Erm… I think that’s about it really. Let’s see how I’ve done *scrolling to the top and reading through*

Oh crap. This blogging thing (in the real sense of the word) may not be for me after all.

P.S- It’s kinda ironic that the day I decide to do an unserious post is the day this serious devastating Earthquake/Tsunami rocked Japan.
*minute of silence for the lives that have been lost*

God help Japan.

4 thoughts on “OLN”

  1. >To think no one would have commented on this after a while is enough evidence that you are doing good with the serious stuff…lolbut i like this one, maybe because its you!keep it up…am loving the blog.


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