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Return Mail: El Muerte Amor

Love? What do I really know about love? Not much, apparently. OK maybe not apparently... Evidently. OK, OK, maybe not evidently... Definitely. Yeah. Definitely. But I think I know one thing; Falling in love is in many ways, similar to dying. Most of the time, you don’t know when it will happen, it just does. In… Continue reading Return Mail: El Muerte Amor

Attempt At Humor So You Better Laugh -_-, OLN

Yackity Yackity Yack.

Arrgggggggggg!!!! Arrrghhhhhhhhh!!! *deep breaths* *angry high pitched wailing* Where the hell am i? And what are these…these…things? Is this how they look like here? How big and ugly! Oh crap! I thought I was too big to stay there but I’d gladly go back now. I want to go back! Few minutes later, after she’d… Continue reading Yackity Yackity Yack.