‘Dania is a 20/30 something year old woman (depending on when you’re reading this) with oodles of creative energy, which she expresses through writing, styling spaces, and baking- for now.

Her Walking on Water series explores her experiences since she decided to quit her 9-5 at one of Africa’s leading financial institutions, to focus on “living her life; her own life”.

Inspired is a collection of verse-style pieces inspired by photos and songs.

Amplify Fellowship mirrors her work as an Amplify Fellow on Akoma. Akoma is a community of creators, influencers, storytellers and audiences sharing diverse narratives on Africa and its diaspora.

The GlasSlipper Mooboard is a collection of things she’s currently feeling, which inspire her work at GlasSlipper Collective.

The All Posts menu contains every piece she’s ever written since she created this blog in 2011.