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Return Mail: El Muerte Amor

Love? What do I really know about love? Not much, apparently. OK maybe not apparently... Evidently. OK, OK, maybe not evidently... Definitely. Yeah. Definitely. But I think I know one thing; Falling in love is in many ways, similar to dying. Most of the time, you don’t know when it will happen, it just does. In… Continue reading Return Mail: El Muerte Amor

Return Mail, Series

Return Mail: Dear Love

Dear love, Fuck you. First of all. Cupid? Really? No, really? You entrust your affairs to the hands of a be-diapered infant with an arrow in his hands? You musta lost your goddamn mind. What actually is your game plan? No tell me. Seriously. You start out...interesting. I mean you're fun and quirky and different.… Continue reading Return Mail: Dear Love

Return Mail, Series

Return Mail

I'm excited!!! Okay, not 'three exclamation marks excited'. Maybe two or one. Ah well, what does it matter. I read a 'love letter' the other day that was...nice. Properly constructed, with nice-sounding rhymes, words, etc. But for some reason, it didn't get to me. Felt quite alien. After re-reading, I realised the problem; the letter… Continue reading Return Mail