Bystanding Bystanders

  25th August, 201110, Adebambo Street, Surulere, Lagos8:05pm It had been such a good day.At first when she’d come, there had been the initial awkwardness, but that soon dissipated in the comfortability of their easy conversation. The kiss this time didn’t feel as strange as the first few times; as if their lips had finally come to… Continue reading Bystanding Bystanders

Pieces, Random


I've just had an epiphany; I cannot marry him. I cannot marry him because he says 'nimble'. 'Nimble' as opposed to 'nibble' (e.g "Would you like proper dinner, or just something you can nimble on?") I'm afraid that if I go on ahead and marry him, a few years down the line when he's stopped… Continue reading Nimble