Return Mail, Series

Return Mail: 6519; 10491

“Love is patient...” I’m sorry, but yeah how about I say fuck that. It’s been almost a year of waiting, hoping, that someday you would be here and we would both drink in the same air. A year of waiting for the opportunity to look into your eyes and search your pupils for the imprint… Continue reading Return Mail: 6519; 10491

Return Mail, Series

Return Mail: Boy Scout

Dear, I’d probably never write you anything moving. There was a time I could though – a time I could promise you the world and mean it and then dig my hand in my backpack like a good boy scout but come up empty handed. That time, I loved like I was told that I… Continue reading Return Mail: Boy Scout

Attempt At Humor So You Better Laugh -_-, Return Mail, Series

Return Mail: El Muerte Amor

Love? What do I really know about love? Not much, apparently. OK maybe not apparently... Evidently. OK, OK, maybe not evidently... Definitely. Yeah. Definitely. But I think I know one thing; Falling in love is in many ways, similar to dying. Most of the time, you don’t know when it will happen, it just does. In… Continue reading Return Mail: El Muerte Amor