Verse Form


(to the beat of an Aṣíkò) “Write.” Why, because you think it would be about you? “Write.” What do you imagine? That I would express deep words of affection that I’m unable to say to your face? “Write.” Is this what you think? “Write.” What you expect? “Write.” What you want? “Write.” What about, exactly?… Continue reading Write


Of Healing and Staying Healed

You’re healed. You’re eating again, smiling again, taking pleasure in the little things; even glowing. Your friends say you’re glowing. Books are interesting again, Music is rhythmic again. Love is desired again, and no longer banished forever. These days when you laugh, no sorrow falls out. But out of the blue he texts you. Something… Continue reading Of Healing and Staying Healed


Bystanding Bystanders

  25th August, 201110, Adebambo Street, Surulere, Lagos8:05pm It had been such a good day.At first when she’d come, there had been the initial awkwardness, but that soon dissipated in the comfortability of their easy conversation. The kiss this time didn’t feel as strange as the first few times; as if their lips had finally come to… Continue reading Bystanding Bystanders

Return Mail, Series

Love Is

Hey Guys, So this is the last piece in the Return Mail II pie :) Thank you to all the writers for sending in their pieces. This literally wouldn't have happened without you guys. My piece is a tad long. Okay, not a tad, more like a lot. But hey, I'm going to take the… Continue reading Love Is

Guest, Mushful, Return Mail, Series


Hi. Hi. Hi, you’re Shy. Shyer than I. I don’t know why. Why I followed. Followed to say hi. Hi. Hi, I’m not shy. Shyness is a façade I put up. Up in view of everyone. Everyone knows. Knows I’m loud. Loud as your laugh. Laugh like a baby. Baby you do, true. True words… Continue reading You