Journey to Authé

What to wear, what to wear

The other day, I had an important meeting with a potential client and in between going over my thoughts for their space (it was an interior styling pitch), it occurred to me that I had no idea what to wear. As trivial a problem as this might seem, it was a genuine one. Having just recently resigned from Corporate, the ‘client meeting’ portion of my wardrobe consisted of dark-coloured power suits and curt handshakes, which somehow did not seem fitting for this my new life.

So…what was the dress code for authentic? How does a creative entrepreneur dress? Should I stick with business formal like I was used to (seemed like the safest option), or would jeans and a blazer fly? Worse still, was my ‘creativity’ expected to show in my dressing (OH MY GOD, DID I NEED A NEW WARDROBE)?

My mind kicked into overdrive (let’s pretend that this isn’t its default mode), and I began to wonder if I would have to cut-off all my relaxed hair and go ‘natural’. By the time my mind was done with me, I had a baby-fro beneath purple box braids and wore linen garments all the time. Yup.

After I managed to calm myself, I realised that fretting like this about what I was supposed to look like was counter-intuitive to my Authé Journey. So I sent a quick prayer up above for guidance and focused on the image I was trying to project- relaxed, but still, assured.

In the end (RIP Chester), I settled for a business-casual look; at least I think that’s what it was (see photo below).

What to Wear

I’d say I did alright, yes?

Oh, and I got the job too.


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