Daywalker, Mushful

My Perfection

Some people find it in tall, dark and handsome; Some others, in father figures. To the deprived girl, the one with the fattest of pockets; And to the needy one, the jealous one. * I've found it in you; In the way your eyes light u when I show up And in the hard cushion… Continue reading My Perfection

Daywalker, Mushful, Verse Form


I Like: Male Watches. Statement Necklaces. Quirky Jewelry. Romance Writing. RomComs. The Colour Brown. Seeing Arsenal Win. Writing (sometimes). Ellen. Cooking. The Colour Orange. Ice Cream. Quaint Apartments. Interior Design. Faded Ripped Jeans. Slouchy Tees. Scuffed Sneakers. Messy Hair. Afros. Your Hair. Music. Your Taste In Music. Cuddling. Goes Without Saying. Candid Photographs. Big Sunglasses.… Continue reading You

noFancyWordsorFlowerySpeak, Series, Stories

no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak (4): Fluke

It's been over a month since I've been here. Ib is certainly getting tired of me. She's trying not to show it, God bless her beautiful soul, but there's only so much moping one human being can take from another. Heck, even I, am tired of me. She has tried to get me to go… Continue reading no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak (4): Fluke