Oneirism, Verse Form


I’m so lost. And for the first time in a long time I feel alone. The pain welcomes me like an old friend. I shrink from it and embrace it at the same time. It is familiar. I’d hoped I’d never be here again. I lost you today. They say it is better to have… Continue reading Lost

Oneirism, Verse Form

Lights That Guide You Home.

Anger. Hurt. Pain. Those have been the phases since Friday. We will talk about it. I will forgive you. Because the pain of being apart from you is more than I can take. But will I forget that you have not fought for me? Maybe I'm a dreamer who believes in fairytales and watched one… Continue reading Lights That Guide You Home.

noFancyWordsorFlowerySpeak, Series, Stories

no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak (3): Flight!

Final boarding call for... Hendilaha stood. Black turtle neck, black loafers with a black cardigan draped over her right hand, she was a picture of quiet strength. She was wearing minimal makeup on her fresh face and her  long, full black hair was pulled back into a loose knot at the nape of her neck.… Continue reading no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak (3): Flight!