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no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak.

I remember when I started blogging in February 2011. I sort of stumbled into it (read the full account here) but I remember that it was very exciting. I mean, I put up posts every other day or so. At some point, a friend of mine advised me to slow down so that people would look forward to the posts, and hence enjoy it more. I really didn’t get what he was talking about; I just wanted to write! People reading and liking was an added advantage.

Somehow over time, the expectations came. And with them came the deadlines. Then writing became a chore, and moved on to something I ‘tried’ to do. And finally settled at just being a plain bother.
Thankfully, today I read a story today that made me smile and think about how I used to write when writing was fun. I miss that. I really, really miss that. Enough for me to try to get back to that place. With a story.

It’s a story I started a long time ago. I have the beginning , the end and then bits and pieces of in between. I will fill it up as I go along.

As per, schedule, frequency and duration, the posts will be put up as randomly as they come to me. I can only promise that at least one will go up each week. Some weeks may have more than one. When it will end? Only God knows. When it begins? In a couple of minutes.
There are no elaborate plots or thrilling crescendos. no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak. This is not me trying to gain readership, better my writing, meet a deadline or win an award. This is just me; writing…

I can only hope that you may enjoy it as much as I plan to.

4 thoughts on “no Fancy Words or Flowery Speak.”

  1. I like this but i like the last sentence more. Writing because you want to and not for acknowledgement or rewards. Looking forward to this project


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