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The Single Story: Tell Me.

This one is written by my soulsister, the beautiful (of looks and of pen) 'Pemi Aguda (@UberBetty). ******************************* You’ve probably lost someone before. By lost, I mean to death. You’ve probably lost someone to death before. Can you tell me how it works? Can you tell me what to say? Please tell me what to… Continue reading The Single Story: Tell Me.

Cryptic, Mushful, Verse Form


Another one for me. But then which one of me? I'm not sure; the lines have become blurred. Journey into integration and self discovery? Or gradual descent into abhorred normalcy? Enjoy. ******************* You need to find me. This mind is bursting at the seams with conversations unhad, fights unfought, and lies untold. Why do you… Continue reading Homecoming


Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, You need to light up Nigeria already! When will you understand that Nigeria will NEVER be able to compete with other nations without power? That steady power supply drives everything? That Nigerian students will never be able to compete on a global scale when they’re stuck studying obsolete text books by candle… Continue reading Dear Mr. President