I remember you my friend. Today I remember you.

You saved me from boredom many a time. You always had something fun for me to do.

I didn’t always treat you right, didn’t take care of you like I should have. But you stood by me still.

Some people didn’t like our friendship. They said I spent way too much time with you; that you were a distraction. I think they were just jealous.

I told you many of my secrets and you kept them. You saw me sad many times and you’d try to cheer me up. Many nights we’d stay up late together; I couldn’t sleep so you’d stay up with me.

That evening they took you, I thought I’d die. My heart ripped in two for the many secrets yet to be revealed to you. I couldn’t cry, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t talk.

There will be others after you but you’ll always have the number one spot in my heart because you were indeed my number one.

You served me well and for that I am eternally grateful.

Adieu my Bold friend. Adieu.

33 thoughts on “Adieu”

  1. You had me there with this one but I doubt if the memories will still be there when a new one comes around.Nice one still


  2. I knew dis was gonna b abt a phone or sumthn n I was right! U jst described my current relatnship with my phone, I’m attached 2 it.


  3. I can totally feel this, when I lost my laptop I felt it was over. till now I still can’t tell my new laptop all d secrets I told my old one, its hard to trust the new one lest it just crash and burns on me.


  4. MPSTCHEEEEEEEEEW! That was me Hissing in spanish… Imagine love note… over Blackberry!!! Mehn, chicks wont seize to amaze me sha… *walks away annoyed and dissapointed*


  5. lmao…eiyaaa…d BB is gone…*starts playing the theme song for this post…Baby Gone by Asa*
    Like Kelvin said…do not mourn…for it’s gone to a better place…stay strong and cherish the memories you shared…(n here’s the final coating for this “Cheese” cake) You meet to part, but you part to meet again…


  6. I cried when my bold crashed, was in denial for a while..took me awhile to get over it..there’s just something about the Bold..


  7. You totally ripped this eulogy out of my mind. I lost my torch to a thief on saturday and i really must say life isnt the same..feels like i and my boyfriend just split.


  8. Ada biko nu.LOL!!! I dnt wanna laff, but eez funny na. Surely u c d humor in dis…(((HUG))) pele dear


  9. Mstcheew. I had thot faaaaaar sha. See me thinkn it was d girls side of d hello story and that the girl was just calling to say goodbye foreva. As in I had formed plot in my head.


  10. lol .. me i want to say adieu , odabo, bye bye, arivadechi , sayonara …etc to this my CURVEd friend of mine..


  11. I’m beginning to suspect that Bold ran away. I mean who would enjoy being a tool that’s used to spread sadness night and day. i’m sure its checking ur blog now and going ‘thank God i’m thru with that, feel bad for her new lover tho’….:p


  12. @Scarrena u will neva av to say adieu to ur Curved friend!!!!it aint happening bruvv…..
    @Dania pele lurf… don’t mind all dis insane pple calling u insane, nice piece all d same!!


  13. I just hope, like me, that you did not keep any information on it that you did,kt have backed up. It would have been a bucket of tears losing some of my favorite stories/contacts.


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