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To The Corner

He smiled. She froze. She knew that smile; knew what was coming. "Go to the corner." As she dragged her feet to the corner of the spacious moderately furnished living room, she let out a heavy sigh and tried to remember a time when things had been different. She couldn't. Not really. She sank to… Continue reading To The Corner


My Precious Little Munchkins

Still full of mush and things. Please bear with me, it shall pass.     Hello my precious munchkins. It’s 2011 and just so you know I'm risking my cool status (yes o, your mama was like the coolest in her day) to write this. At this time everyone’s complaining that too many bloggers are… Continue reading My Precious Little Munchkins

Cryptic, Oneirism, Verse Form


The cool night breeze blew across her face. She closed her eyes and inhaled. She could smell it coming. She started twisting her waist slowly to the beat of the Konga. She doesn’t remember much of the childhood. Maybe because there is not much to remember. She remembers a bit of the teenage years though.… Continue reading BareNaked.

Attempt At Humor So You Better Laugh -_-, OLN

Yackity Yackity Yack.

Arrgggggggggg!!!! Arrrghhhhhhhhh!!! *deep breaths* *angry high pitched wailing* Where the hell am i? And what are these…these…things? Is this how they look like here? How big and ugly! Oh crap! I thought I was too big to stay there but I’d gladly go back now. I want to go back! Few minutes later, after she’d… Continue reading Yackity Yackity Yack.