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>Hey Guys,Two things:1) It is with heaviness in my heart and deep sadness that i make this announcement. I have given in. I have sold out. I'm moving my blog to WordPress :'( I was hoping to hit a particular number of page views before i moved but...Blogger served me well but WordPress is more… Continue reading KILL ME. NOW.


The Smart Kids.

>Okay, lets talk politics.It doesn't matter if you don't take an interest in politics; politics will take an interest in you.-Pericles For about 3 months, I've listened to (and made) various comments on all the politics going on in the country (Nigeria) at the moment. Twitter has a way of making people seem learned including… Continue reading The Smart Kids.

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Penthouse, Heartbreak Towers, Insecure Lane. (3)

>I saw it coming. It's funny how they always think we don't know. Maybe it massages their egos to think that they're smooth, i don't know. We may chose to let it slide and not say anything, but we know. We always do.This one was different. There'd always been others. But this one was different.… Continue reading Penthouse, Heartbreak Towers, Insecure Lane. (3)

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On the Corner of 1st and Indecision. (2)

>This is the second part of No 1, Side Street, Lonely Avenue. It was written by a guest writer. Enjoy. ‘Dania.Sophia- Wisdom (Greek)Obim- My Heart (Igbo)I didn't see it coming. I hear people say that a lot, especially when "the shit" hits the fan. I wonder why no one ever asks the question, who does see… Continue reading On the Corner of 1st and Indecision. (2)