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No 1 Side Street, Lonely Avenue. (1)

No. I will not cry. I will not cry. Open dammit! Calm down girl. Deep breath. Steady. Now slowly, pick out your key from the bunch and slide it into the keyhole. Like you do every night. Now go to the fridge, take out a beer. Okay two. Go to your room. Don't stop, don't… Continue reading No 1 Side Street, Lonely Avenue. (1)

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This Life That Was Given Me.

>11:30amHin go soon come. Make i go baff, set my face. I hope say dis pancake go cover all dis marks dis time. *sigh* I taya. That last customa of yestahday, that man wicked so. I never see that kain before. And hin no wan pay extra oh after all d things hin wan make i… Continue reading This Life That Was Given Me.

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>06:05pm "Babe? Hey babe." Ahh. His Voice. Still has that calming effect even after three years of being together (Two years dating, one year married)."I'm okay, you?" Lord knows i'd kill for a hug right now."Seriously babe, I'm okay. Just had a pretty long rough day.""Yeah of course, i'll tell you all about it when… Continue reading *SIGH*

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The Noses and Horses.

>22nd August 2006.5.00pm…TICK...TICK…TICKGreen. Please God let it be green. Dear God…Tick, tick, tick…Blue.Shit."Buife! Nwanyibuife!""Yes mum!""Are you okay? You've been in there for quite a while.""I'm fine mum.""Okay, I'm going to the supermarket, do you want to come along?""No mum, I'm pretty tired. I think I'll just rest a while.""Okay, see you soon. Are you sure… Continue reading The Noses and Horses.