To Think is To Differ

>When I was born, my ears were pierced; I was a girl; that was the norm.Growing up, I was taught to always use my right hand. Using my left was rude.I was told that looking at someone older than you in the face was disrespectful. Of course I had to be in the science class… Continue reading To Think is To Differ

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My name is Seun Adams. I turned 23 today and I should be excited about it but I’m not. I’m not because exactly 10 years ago today, on my 13th birthday to be precise, my life as I knew it changed. I come from a regular Christian family of five; father, mother, two siblings. I’m… Continue reading I AM NOT HIM.

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So Valentine's day has come and gone. Is it just me or was there an unusual amount of fuss attached to it this year? If I'd gotten one more, just one more, Valentine hamper BBM broadcast I'd have smashed my blackberry. I'm sure. Even though I didn't get a Range Rover (still can't get over… Continue reading OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!

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Welcome to my Very Own Madness.

>Oh wow so I started  a blog. Interesting. Perhaps if I told you how this happened then you would understand why I think it is so.Its 2a.m, and I'm 'Skyping' with Irene discussing business (yes business) and then one of us (probably me but i refuse to admit it) asks the other if she's heard… Continue reading Welcome to my Very Own Madness.